Record review with Kevin Bryan

Kevin Bryan reviews the latest record releases...

Chip Taylor, Last Chance / Some Of Us (Cherry Red / Morello) ­ - Chip Taylor is best remembered these days as the creator of sixties pop classics such as Wild Thing, I Can’t Let Go and Merrilee Rush’s Angel of the Morning. The New York born singer­songwriter’s own musical output was critically acclaimed but much less commercially successful, and his early seventies offerings have become highly sought after collectors’ items in the interim. 1973’s Last Chance was a particularly impressive piece of work, showcasing Taylor’s trailblazing brand of country tinged balladry at its beguiling best. Son of a Rotten Gambler and I Wasn’t Born In Tennessee are stand­out tracks.

The Paul McKenna Band, Paths That Wind (PMB Records)­ - McKenna’s excellent outfit have been hailed as “The best folk band to have come out of Scotland in the last twenty years,” and their fourth studio album boasts guest appearances from leading lights of the genre such as Rod Paterson, John McCusker and the multi­talented Mike Vass. Paths That Wind delivers the usual blend of songs and vibrant instrumental pieces, with He Fades Away, Song of Choice and The Banks of the Moy emerging as musical highlights. The End, From Beginning To End.... (Edsel Records)­. This all embracing 4 CD set brings together the complete recorded works of long forgotten psychedelic practitioners The End, setting their Decca album, 1968’s Introspection alongside a string of fascinating outtakes and

obscurities. The band had a stroke of good fortune when they were able to enlist the services of Bill Wyman to produce their sole long­player, and the Stones bass player also co­wrote their best known track, Shades of Orange, which makes no less than four appearances here.

Richard Harvey, The Genteel Companion : A Recorder Recital (Altus Records)­ - Devotees of the work of seventies prog rockers Gryphon won’t need me to remind them about Richard Harvey’s musical accomplishments, and the veteran woodwind specialist remains in great demand as a composer and performer on film soundtracks such as Harry Potter and The Lion King. This attractive new offering finds Richard bringing his expertise to bear on a selection of pieces by the likes of Handel and his compatriot Georg Philip Telemann, with predictably captivating results.