OMD! What a night at Clumber Park’s Flashback Festival

Flashback Festival 2012 at Clumber Park.  OMD (w120821-3m)
Flashback Festival 2012 at Clumber Park. OMD (w120821-3m)

DRIVING out to Clumber Park on Saturday afternoon I confess I was more bothered about the rain holding off than the bands I was going to see.

See the thing is, I’ve never been interested in flashback concerts featuring bands of yesteryear. I was always of the opinion that whatever happened in the 80s ought to stay in the 80s.

However, on being asked to go by my lovely friends, I decided to throw caution and shoulder pads to the wind, and give it a whirl.

There are few things more perfect than sipping wine and munching on your favourite nibbles, outside on a sunny afternoon with friends, listening to good music.

The Christians were the perfect accompaniment to all of the above, and really very good. Next on the bill was Go West, and they duly kept the chilled crowd entertained. The unmistakable sound of Belinda Carlisle was next, with the songstress sporting very large shades, giving us all her hits with gusto.

Sheffielder Martin Fry and ABC were my favourite band of the day, maybe his very sharp blue suit had something to do with it. More so, his ability to engage the crowd, and his energy - even though he did tell us he was 54.I thought only OAPs did that.

When Smokey Sings was brilliant, and it was great that the band looked like they were enjoying themselves as much as the crowd. Got to admit to being slightly disappointed with Marc Almond’s set - yes he sang Tainted Love and Say Hello Goodbye, but that was pretty much it. We wanted more songs, Marc.

So after a long lull, OMD burst onto the stage kicking off with their iconic track Enola Gay. Fabulous electro pop by a still fabulous band, and yes Andy McCluskey also told us he was in his 50s. But you’d have thought he was 30, bounding around the stage full of energy and life. He sang Joan of Arc - I was happy. Clumber I’ll be back.