New rock venue plans big nights

ROCK AND ROLL is alive and well at new venue the Forest Town Live Lounge with quality tribute acts and well known bands lined up to perform there.

Since January the Forest Town Welfare-based rock hub has seen performances from Motley Crue and Thin Lizzy tribute acts The Dirt and the Thin Lizzy Experience and over the coming weeks will play host to even more rock legend tribute acts.

Said organiser and sound engineer James Pembleton: “Despite its size you get a great view from pretty much anywhere.

“The PA System is fantastic and you will leave with ringing ears but what really makes this place is the atmosphere - the crowd at Forest Town always seem up for it and performers seem to respond to the atmosphere as well which is what makes for so many memorable performances.”

James said he hopes to get local bands supporting bigger acts and encourage a wider mix of styles such as Indie. He said: “We are just testing it out right now to see what people are into.

“We have a wide age range. You have your old rockers that used to listen to the bands when they first came out and their grandsons who will have listened for the first time.

“I think we can really boost Mansfield’s live music scene and bring in top bands that are touring over the UK to stop off for gigs.”

Nights to look forward to are ACDC tribute Livewire on 30th March, Iron Maiden tribute Higher on Maiden with support from Coraya on 27th April and Guns N’ Roses tribute Guns2Roses with support from Abandon on 25th May.

Metal heads are in for a special treat on 30th June when the venue hosts outdoor rock festival Gridlock, featuring rock and metal tribute acts and Mansfield Metal band Coraya.

l For tickets to any of the events visit and search for Forest Town Academy after clicking on venue. For Gridlock tickets visit Alternatively, you can get tickets from the Forest Town Welfare in person.