Mansfield rock act record album in USA trip

A MANSFIELD rock act have returned from the state side home city of rock legends Aerosmith and Extreme after recording their latest album.

Five-piece band Abandon flew across the Atlantic in September after a music producer based near Boston city listened to some of their tunes and liked what he heard.

Now singer Dean Bennett, Mitchell Ryan on bass, guitarist Jason Moore, drummer ‘The Vicar’ and Tom Holland, guitar are recovering from their whirlwind two week trip which saw the band recording in the studio for up to seven hours a day.

Said Dean: “It was absolutely brilliant - we are still taking it all in. Sometimes when you think about you wonder whether it really happened.

“We made some good friends in the States and they really rolled the red carpet out for us in every respect - we were treated like rock stars.”

Dean formed Abandon as a covers act in 2007 having wanted to be in a rock band since he saw Def Leppard in concert aged 18. They hit the headlines after taking part in a 30 Gigs in 24 Hours challenge which concluded with a concert at Mansfield Palace Theatre.

After touring up and down the country the band started to record their own original material - and it was their single Every Dog Has His Day which attracted the attention of producer Joe Cannatelli.

Said Mitchell: “He is such a nice guy and treated amazingly well - there aren’t enough people in the world like him.”

Now the album, called On the Fringe after the studio where it was recorded, is being professionally produced - and the band cannot wait to hear the results.

The band hope to head back to the states for another shot at cracking America.

I think we would love to go back - the American audience is so different but everything is so much bigger and better over there,” said Dean.