Kirkby’s Lucy Kay says Britain’s Got Talent final is by no means in the bag

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Kirkby opera singer Lucy Kay has said she does not believe she has what it takes to win ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Twenty-five year-old Lucy is through to the final of the ITV talent show on Saturday after wowing judges with a performance of Nella Fantasia during the show’s semi-finals.

The former member of Mansfield’s famous Cantamus choir told Chad being on the show has been a surreal experience and she had been shocked to get through to make it through.

Said Lucy: “I did not expect to get the public vote and had already chosen my three winners.

“It was overwhelming and amazing but I did not cry because I had bet money that I would not. I am such an emotional person, but I did cry when I got back to my hotel.”

Lucy has revealed that she will be performing an ‘incredibly difficult iconic dramatic Aria’ on the ultimate night.

She added: “You need months to prepare for it but I had no faith that I would get to the final, so now I have to do some catching up.

“I am working with my vocal coach using a big operatic voice - they are really high notes and sustaining them throughout the entire piece is very tiring.”

The former Ashfield school pupil said being crowned the nation’s favourite would be the perfect tribute to Cantamus, which helped her defeat fierce bullying at school and launch her towards stardom.

You can catch the show on Saturday at 7.30pm.

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