Headline gig for Georgie Rose

Photo by David Baird (www.david-baird.co.uk)
Photo by David Baird (www.david-baird.co.uk)

Mansfield musician Georgie Rose is set to take a big step forward in her blossoming career by headlining a gig at Nottingham’s Glee Club.

The former Joseph Whitaker student is now fronting a new five-piece band and is preparing to show off their new sound and musical direction.

The 19-year-old said: “It’s going to be sort of a showcase.

“I have a new band and a lot of new material so it’s showing Nottingham that new stuff.

“I have been working with someone from the music industry, have been recording, and he has helped me get this show.”

Georgie performed on the Courtyard Stage at last year’s Splendour Festival at Wollaton Park, playing a solo set with a clear 1950s/60s American influence.

But she says that her style has changed slightly since then as she continues to find her feet and understand more about where she wants to take her music.

Having a new band - which is mostly made up of old college mates from New College Nottingham - has allowed her to do this.

“My music is a bit different. We have kind of stepped back to my real influences, so it’s very West Coast American, like Fleetwood Mac, but a lot more upbeat and energetic. It’s a great sound,” she said.

“My music has changed direction a little bit.

“I hadn’t found myself fully last summer, musically.

“There were quite a lot of different bits in the set that I didn’t know if I wanted to do.

“With the new direction, I have never been happier with the music I have been making and what I am doing now.”

Though Georgie has played at The Glee Club before, this will be her debut headline gig at the venue and indeed, in Nottingham, so she has been rehearsing hard with her band since Christmas in preparation, and has not done many live shows in the meantime.

They have been working on perfecting their three piece harmonies, which have been called ‘Stevie Nicks-esque’ and are now looking forward to the big night.

Said Georgie: “We are all really looking forward to the gig.

“It’s my first headline show in my home city and we have been rehearsing a lot.”

And depending on how the set goes down will have some influence on what the band does next, but Georgie is hoping to play some local festivals this year and to release some material of her own for the first time.

Georgie Rose is performing at The Glee Club in Nottingham on Tuesday 15th April. To book tickets, which are £5, visit www.glee.co.uk/performers/georgie-rose.htm. Doors open at 7pm.