Hamilton Loomis at Kirkby’s Millers

RENOWNED musician Hamilton Loomis will be bringing his brand of raw blues to Millers Snooker Club on Thursday 17th May

as part of the club’s regular Miller’s Blues Nights series.

Hamilton mastered the drums, piano, guitar, bass and harmonica and played in his family’s Doo-Wop band and at the age of 16, he met blues legend Bo Diddley back stage at a concert who recognised his talent and asked him to play with him on stage.

Just before his death, Bo gave his young protégé one of his Plank guitars which Hamilton continues to play today.

Speaking ahead of the gig, organiser Rob Knowles said: “This is the fourth visit by Loomis to Millers and eagerly awaited it is too.

“What will it be this time a stroll over the tables, a bounce along the bar. Whatever Hamilton does this time it is bound to shock and entertain and his musicianship will as always impress his audience

“He has taken Bo’s advice to heart and by deftly balancing his blues roots and his penchant for experimentation and originality.

“Loomis has guaranteed his place at the head of the pack of young artists changing the face of modern blues. This is the blues and it’s new blues and a great example of young blues.”

Miller’s Snooker Club is at 20, Diamond Avenue, Kirkby and the gig starts at 9pm. For more details call the club on Mansfield 750260 or Rob Knowles on 07957206605. For details on upcoming gigs click here.