From The Sugababes to House of The Blues

Tommy Allen
Tommy Allen

Nottinghamshire’s ‘House of The Blues’ - the Miller’s Snooker Club at Kirkby - features superb guitarist Tommy Allen for its latest Millers Blues Night tomorrow, Thursday 23rd February.

Tommy got his first guitar when he was 13 and five years later had been awarded a scholarship to the London Guitar Institute.

However, seen as more a hands-on guy, he chose to leave the institute when he was 19 and joined the Marcus Malone band with whom he recorded the CD ‘One More Time’.

Over the next four years he performed with Nicky Moore’s Blues Corporation, recording two CDs ‘300lbs of joy’ and ‘Live’.

For two years Tommy had a short sojourn from The Blues whilst he performed with the pop group Sugababes, which included recording the single ‘Soul Sound’.

Since departing the Sugababes he has returned to the Blues with a vengeance, touring with the likes of Otis Taylor, Mojo Burford and supporting the likes of Gary Moore, Walter Trout and Mud Morganfield, as well as performing on the Paul Jones Radio 2 show and putting together various bands of his own bands - of which this is the latest incarnation.

Tommy is joined on drums by Micky Barker, Chris Lomas on bass guitar and John Hewitt. His 20 years of harp playing experience adding to the near century of combined experience on show for this band.