Bluesman Geoff on Kirkby stage

AWARD-WINNING guitarist, singer and songwriter Geoff Achison is returning to Kirkby’s own House of The Blues tomorrow night.

The Australian bluesman is set to headline the latest blues night at Miller’s Snooker Club on Diamond Avenue.

The experienced axeman taught himself to play the guitar having grown up in the Australian outback with no access to modern equipment like effects pedals.

Instead, he had to manufacture the sounds he heard on record by skill alone.

Geoff has won many awards for his guitar playing and songwriting, including the Albert King guitarist award at the 1995 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, sponsored by the Blues Foundation.

He was in the top 10 guitarists readers poll in Guitar Player magazine in 2008. Now he will be touring with his latest CD, a solo acoustic performance, Live at Burrinja Café.

His achievements include appearances on BBC radio and the recording of a live album with his British Souldiggers group. Geoff was featured on the cover of Blues In Britain magazine July 2009.

Whichever country he is playing in, Geoff hires the best local talent he can find for his backing band - The Soul Diggers.

He said: “The idea was to invent a name that described the music and I greatly admired the blues philosophy - tapping into one’s soul for honesty and truth. That’s what ‘Souldiggers’ is meant to convey.”

The UK Souldiggers are drummer Sam Kelly, who played and recorded with people as diverse as Screaming J Hawkins and Gary Moore and has three bands of his own including Station House; experienced player Paul Jobson on keyboards and Paul’s bandmate Spy Austin, also a member of Sam Kelly’s Station House, on bass. So the audience can expect the rhythm section to be fluent and tight.

Geoff will be digging deep into the soul of the blues and pulling out some mesmerising riffs to accompany his heartfelt lyrics, while the Souldiggers excavate some rousing support with their own quality instrumentals.

l Tickets are £9, £8 for members. Doors open at 9pm.

For information, contact Rob Knowles at the club on 750260.