Alternative rock band kick-off tour at Intake

Local band Kill Chaos will kick off their tour with a gig on Friday at The Intake in Mansfield.

Kill Chaos, who describe their sound as ‘strong, powerful alternative rock’, were formed four years ago and comprise of vocalist Darren Clewes, from Sheffield; bassist Gavin Treliving, from Mansfield and drummer Tom Waddingham, also from Mansfield.

Tom said: “We are lucky in the fact that we get to play the Intake with other brilliant musicians and all of our gigs are with great bands at great venues.”

The band are actively involved in local music through the Save Our Scene campaign in the Mansfield.

Tom said: “We genuinely believe that there is a music scene locally and that there are lots of fantastic bands playing the venues.

“We are big believers in supporting your local scene and helping to develop what is available in Mansfield.

“We aim to not only play at and support local venues but hope our tour success and fan base will also allow other local bands to work with us to create some fantastic nights of music.”

After the Intake gig, the band, who say they boast a ‘strong’ local fan base and ‘super fans up and down the country’, will go on to perform gigs in Sheffield, Nottingham, Doncaster and York.

Those who cannot make the Mansfield show should look out for a performance in Rescue Rooms at Rock City, Nottingham, with the band Brothers and Bones on 23rd May.

Tom describes this as ‘a fantastic opportunity to meet new and influential people who we will no doubt be working with again’.

“The tour is our opportunity to play to as many people as we possibly can,” Tom said.

“We are very proud of what we do and very proud of what we have produced and our primary aim of the tour is to reach, play to and meet as many people as we can throughout the UK.”

Their cross country tour follows a busy period in the studio recording new material.

After the tour the band aims to return to the studio to record further tracks, in the hopes of releasing an album.

Their ability to do this depends on the success of the tour and sales of their merchandise, to be released shortly.

Entry for Friday’s gig at The Intake is free and no tickets are necessary. Tickets for the Rescue Rooms have not yet been released but are expected to cost between £7.50 and £12.

They will be available from or once released.

For details of tour dates, ticket information or to listen to the band in action visit

Tickets for venues other than the two mentioned usually range from £3 to £10. Anyone struggling to locate tickets is advised to contact the band directly through their facebook page