How tattoos changed Ami’s life

Ami Glasgow, 27 of South Normanton entered Miss Tattoo UK 2014
Ami Glasgow, 27 of South Normanton entered Miss Tattoo UK 2014

Tattooed beauty Ami Glasgow found out her boyfriend had bigger designs for her than she thought when he proposed to her onstage.

South Normanton lass Ami 27 strutted her stuff among the UK’s most beautiful tattooed women when she reached the top 10 in the Miss Tattoo UK finals at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention.

But it was a her partner, tattooist Craig Mansfield who stole the show when he leaped onto the catwalk and popped the question in front of the audience.

Ami said: “People said they were expecting some additional entertainment, but I never expected that.

Craig just put his backpack down got up onstage, and proposed to me. It was straight out of the blue.”

Ami took him up on his offer and now the couple from New Street are making plans for their wedding.

Both Ami and Craig are tattoo enthusiasts and their wedding planned for 2016 will certainly have an inky theme.

“We are planning on having tattoos done on the day, probably Mr and Mrs on our fingers,” said Ami.

“It will be a white wedding - I’m very traditional in that way - but it will be done in an alternative style.”

The couple met two and a half years ago when they got chatting about their tattoos. And Ami says having her body art has changed her for the better in other ways.

“Tattoos have been my escape. They allow me to be creative.

“I recently had jaw surgery before that I wasn’t the most confident of people and tattoos helped me to express myself.

“When I had a tattoo done it became an easy subject to talk to people about.”

Ami has a sleave tattoo, and artwork on both hands, fingers, her chest and neck.

She reached the top ten in the Miss Tattoo UK competition out of dozens of entries.

She entered the competition to become a role model for young women wanting to be inked

In her competition entry, Ami told how she was kicked out of home at 16 and has supported herself ever since.

She said: “I have never had a day out of employment. I currently am a cleaner and work four jobs a day. It’s not the most glamorous of jobs and no way do I think I’m Miss Tattoo UK when I’m cleaning warehouse toilets.

“But think I’m a great role model - I’m hard working and have never given up.”

She had her first tattoo on her 18th birthday: “A little tribal one to see what it was like.”

Since then she has a full sleeve tattoo, a rose on one hand and a unicorn on the other.

Other skin designs include childhood favourite stars. There is a Michael Jackson “zombie” portrait on her right calf and a rose on her neck.

And she has booked another tattoo - a portrait of Pamela Anderson on her arm.

Partner Craig, 33 is a tattoo artist at Tattoo@82 on High Street, South Normanton.

Ami says as well has her hand in marriage, she has allowed him to practice his artwork. “I told him he could have my left leg!”