Dino-delight at Mansfield Museum

Anyone still having nightmares about the escaped T Rex in Jurassic Park should perhaps steer clear of Mansfield Museum during February and March.

Because that is when the Leeming Street attraction is hosting a free exhibition, which runs between 12th February and 19th March, entitled The Age of the Dinosaurs.

Though by no means on the scale of Jurassic Park, this modest collection promises to be of interest to anyone interested in our favourite giant reptiles.

Included will be casts of a Jurassic crocodile and models of a stegosaurus and a T Rex skeleton. The exhibition’s various sections discuss topics such as Dinosaur Dinners, Battling Dinosaurs and Death of the Dinosaurs. A number of simple interactives will also allow exploration of subjects like fossil hunting and dinosaur diet.

For families and schools, worksheets will cover dinosaur designs, fossil hunters and the dino food chain. Also available are a fossil hunter’s dressing-up outfit; and a battling dinosaurs game.

During half-term holiday week, week commencing 21st February between 10am and noon, the museum will be offering children and their carers a different Dino-themed ArtBeat session every single day.