Twisted Technique Dance School’s dazzling show at Mansfield Palace Theatre

Twisted Technique Dance School's Superheroes and Villains show.
Twisted Technique Dance School's Superheroes and Villains show.

Twisted Technique Dance School’s exciting annual stage production at Mansfield Palace Theatre was packed with explosions of colour, drama and humour to daring dance routines choreographed around the theme of ‘Superheroes and Villains’.

Around 100 students from the age of five who attend the dance school in Sutton-in-Ashfield run by dance instructors Claire Louise Malpass and Lee Ellis, performed various dance styles incorporated into solos, duos and group performances on stage.

And Lee (27) said: “We’re really proud of all of the students. This was our fifth end-of-year show and there’s been a huge improvement in quality each time.

“We had such a strong theme this time as in previous years it’s been put together with individual stories and dances, so it was a big risk.

“But I think it went really well. Both the superheroes and villains performances were amazing. I think the superheroes may have beaten the villains this time, but I would say that as I was on their side!”

Based on Outram Street, Twisted Technique, also known as the Claire Louise School of Dance, compete in competitions around the UK throughout the year. Claire (28), who began the dance school 10 years ago, currently leads two successful disco freestyle teams, ages 7-11 and 11-20, with the older group recently crowned Nationwide champions an unprecedented two years in a row.

While Lee teaches Twisted Technique’s street dance team named ‘Skillmatic’, with members aged 9-17, who are International Dance Teachers Association regional champions and qualifiers for next year’s Nationwide Street Dance Championships.

Lee added: “Anybody who wants to learn dance are welcome along to our studio. It’s a great way to have fun and improve fitness and confidence.

“I want to encourage more boys to come and try dance as we want to even up the teams, and there’s many dance styles they could learn including break or hip hop dancing.

“We’re currently working on new ideas to bring low-cost and free dancing into the community and also already busy choosing a theme for next year’s show.”

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