Fantasy world of Mansfield Woodhouse writer Essenne Fleet

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Given his fascination with the weird and mysterious, it is surprising that Mansfield Woodhouse author Essenne Fleet (Scott Fleet) only really began putting pen to paper a few years ago.

Now with his first book published and six more in the saga to come, JAMES JUPE spoke to the writer about how it all started.

FORMER Manor School headboy Essenne was an arboriculturalist, an expert in trees, until during 2008 he decided to become a full-time author.

After his first daughter was born, Essenne (40) chose to leave his position as tree officer at Broxtowe Borough Council, while his wife Tineke continued to work at West Notts College.

“I’m not one to sit on my backside all day and never liked Jeremy Kyle so I needed to keep myself busy,” he says.

“You often hear about people starting a book and I began to imagine this fantasy world which has since become a big part of my life.”

Having spent time as the editor of the Mansfield Woodhouse Warbler newsletter 12 years ago, Essenne began to develop a knack for writing and eventually started his first book, the ‘Firefox of Anyea’, with a second edition published in October last year.

“Tabitha Moon is the main character and she looks different so attracts prejudice from people. It’s a story about loneliness and learning that she isn’t what she first thought, but also finding out that she can help others because she is unique.

“I can remember when it was first printed and the copies being delivered to my house.

“I was so excited that I couldn’t open them for an hour because I was worried that I might not like how it looked or that I would be disappointed.”

Essenne finished his first book at the end of 2010 and made it to print through the self-publishing company, Lulu.

Despite his ambition to write six more books in the saga his feet are firmly set on the ground.

“Right now the focus isn’t about the amount of sales because it’s almost impossible for self-published writers to be an immediate sensation,” he said.

“I’m having exhibitions for the book in order to create a readership so that people can become interested in subsequent books.

“Any feedback from people is very special and it’s got to the point now that I don’t want to let them down while I’m writing the rest.”

After giving the idea of fame some thought, Essenne says he has lived in Woodhouse all his life and isn’t interested in being a celebrity, although being able to write as a living after his girls have grown up would be a dream come true.

For information about Essenne Fleet and the Soulfire Saga check his website by clicking here