LISTEN: Christmas At Belton lights trail spectacular details revealed in 'virtual walk through' chat - SPOILER ALERT

Christmas At Belton page turning E-leaflet with booking links and video
Christmas At Belton page turning E-leaflet with booking links and video
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A NEW festive lights spectacular boasting more than a million bulbs will feature singing trees, a scented fire garden, lasers and a 'Cathedral of Light'.

If you want to keep the big reveal details a secret - for your own planned visit to Christmas At Belton, in Grantham, Lincolnshire - don't read the 'virtual walk through' below.

Creative producer Zoe Bottrell has given us an exclusive step by step guide as to what visitors can expect when the dazzling spectacle opens for the first time in the grounds of the National Trust's Belton House, a grade one listed country house, from November 28 to December 30.

BUY TICKETS: Tickets for popular early evening and weekend time slots are expected to sell out do buy now. Prices are £17.50 adult, £12 child, £56 family, free for under threes and carers. Visit, or call 0844 579 0097 - calls cost 7p per minute plus your network access charge.

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AUDIO: Zoe revealed Christmas At Belton details when she gave a 'virtual walk through' in an exclusive chat with Graham Walker - LISTEN HERE.

Zoe, of Cultural Creative, who will oversee the project, explained how she and her team with partner Sony Music have created similar lights trails again this year at Kew Gardens, Blenheim Palace, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, a Forestry Commission site in Kent, two other National Trust properties, at Dunham Massey and Stourhead and, for the first time abroad, at Chicago Botanic Gardens

Now the East Midlands will get its version of the tourism boosting lights trail which is set to put the venue on the international map of top festive attractions.

The enchanted spectacle in the grounds of Belton House will be unique, as each trail is built to highlight the individual landscape features of each venue.

And although it will burst with colours, festive sounds and smells - from roast chestnuts to mulled wine - the immersive experience is described by Zoe as something of an antidote to the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and parties.

It will offer a sanctuary for visitors of all ages to relax and unwind in a reflective way as they spend quality time with loved ones in the great outdoors.

She said: "Belton House and the formal gardens with their reflection pool and arboretum is a lovely, lovely landscape for us to work in. We're really excited to be there.

"We create a walking trail that's about a mile long and accessible to everyone, as flat as it can be, with a series of installations by national and international artists who work with light. Think of it as walking through an art gallery but it's a big garden.

"I've often described the trails as a sort of antidote to Christmas. That's not because they're not of the season - they absolutely are. But with the parties and the shopping and the hustle and the bustle and running from here to there, we all love to have that family time, we love to have that time when we can actually just reflect and go for a wander and get a bit of fresh air and have the time to stop and to dwell and enjoy one another's company.

Fire garden

Fire garden

"These events absolutely give you that time to do it."

Tickets are sold for time slots - with early evening and weekend slots in huge demand, so her advice is to book now to guaranteed your entry time.

Christmas At Belton revealed - 'virtual walk through' details:

Zoe said she's as excited as anyone to see her visualisations become a reality but in an exclusive chat - click here to listen to it in full - she detailed exactly what visitors will get at Christmas At Belton.

She began: "The delightful thing about Belton is that there are two fantastic courtyards at their visitor centre which will allow us to provide food and drink, a carousel and fairground rides, to really get you in the Christmas spirit.

"The magical start to this trail is as you then enter through a secret door.

Cathedral Of Light

Cathedral Of Light

"From that secret door, this fantastic formal garden will open up in front of you, with many, many illuminated flowers bringing back to life what would normally be a sleeping formal garden, dormant for its winter period.

"In the backdrop to that will be the fantastic Orangery that sits towards the rear, which will have a lovely back palate on it to present that formal garden in front of you to its best ability. You then walk around the back of the Orangery to yet another surprise.

"The great thing about the Belton landscape is that it just keeps turning corners and it keeps presenting us with different types of landscape. "All the lights we use are not necessarily electric - here you will find the magic of a fire garden, for you to walk around, in the formal spaces that sit to the rear of the Orangery.

"There's an exit to head out to the wider landscape of Belton House, where we've invited light designer Tilt from France to provide some of the fantastic sculptures they create ranging between five and eight meters above your head, either side of the path.

"As you get to the end of the path, the reflection pool will sit at the end and the landscape will open up in front of you. Ths trail bends around the corner and you enter into a copse of trees that will create a very electronic feeling all of a sudden, with a laser garden and millions of green dots passing across the floor for you to try to capture.

"Some elements are programmed and others give you a show. As you continue to that copse, some trees will sing to you - sing-along and you can become one of them.

"As we walk out through that end of the arboretum there is a most wonderful oversized bench that sits on a long avenue back down towards Belton House. We hope you're going to jump on there for a big family group photo.

"Let's have that as the most Instagramed element that we can provide at Belton House so that we can give everybody their big family Christmas photo.

"There is a very long, straight avenue that will take you back down towards Belton Hall - but with a number of different installations which will create changes and palettes as you walk along.

"You will walk through some handmade wicker sculptures that have been made to celebrate all of the 12 Days of Christmas as you walk down that path.

"Then into some towering trees above you that will then provide another program to music show - wonder at the color of those trees as tyou get approach the superb Cathedral of Light in front of you. It's seven meters in height at is opening and five and a half meters at its closing, to give a wonderful perspective as you go through it.

"As you exit that tunnel, the house will be in front of you, and in front of the house, there is the Dutch Garden, which will be our secret finale, which I'm not going to give away. But it will enable the landscape to come to life.

"As you finish there and head back out, you may well just bump into a man in a big red suit, who hopefully will be able to wish you on your way as you head back into the courtyard to grab another bite to eat, warm up and maybe a spin on the carousel."

Santa makes an appearance

Santa makes an appearance