Ice and easy does it at new exhibition

80º N by Gibson/Martelli is an exhibition that goes on display in the gallery at Derby arts centre Quad later this month.

It features ideas of voyaging and Polar exploration, through immersive artworks utilizing ground-breaking technology that literally and virtually points the viewer North, beyond the 80th parallel.

In its attention to the expansive frozen lands and seas of ice, the exhibition contemplates the overwhelming might of nature, its beauty and its vulnerability. Through human endeavor and scientific enquiry the planet has been conquered, all discovered - the Pole was reached over a century ago and now cruise ships navigate the North West Passage, tourism replacing exploration.

Drawing from heroic exploits and classical representations of the natural world, Gibson/Martelli invite the viewer to contemplate the Arctic from a first-person perspective. Employing immersive techniques from virtual reality and video games, the viewer’s panoramic gaze is transformed. It will be on display from December 13 until February 8 and is produced in association with QUAD, supported by Arts Council England and CAFKA14 - with generous sponsorship from Christie Digital & WorldViz.