Councillor objects to Mansfield Christmas market being taken down

Mansfield’s Christmas market has been hailed as an success after it came to an end.

However, the BID say it was because the town was “expecting high footfall” in the days before and does not need the draw factor of a market.

Mansfield's Christmas Market. Photo: I Love Mansfield.

Mansfield's Christmas Market. Photo: I Love Mansfield.

Mansfield’s Christmas market, on West Gate, was always scheduled to be taken down on December 16 as part of its four week timetable from November 18.

However when it was taken down Councillor Stephen Harvey, Conservative member for Kings Walk, posted a video on his social media feeds criticising the decision, saying it was “taking away Christmas spirit”.

In a post on December 18, he said: “People are telling me that having it here up until Christmas would have been an advantage as people were using it and people were buying.

“It was a great idea and it really made a difference - now it has been packed up people are saying it feels less Christmassy.”

Nikki Rolls, CEO of Mansfield BID, and Councillor Stephen Harvey.

Nikki Rolls, CEO of Mansfield BID, and Councillor Stephen Harvey.

However the chief executive of Mansfield BID Nikki Rolls defended the decision in a one-to-one interview with Coun Harvey, and said the plan is to have it running until near Christmas next year.

She said: “The plan was always to close it this week because the last week before Christmas has the highest footfall potential in the town centre so there is no need for the Christmas market during that week.

“The Christmas market next year will be for five weeks until December 22, hoping to attract a minimum of 20 chalets at West Gate.

“It is part of our five year plan to extend the Christmas market in the town centre.”

Applications to secure a chalet at Mansfield’s Christmas market in 2019 are now open.

To secure a stall for the market, which will run from November 17 to December 22 2019, visit