Church Warsop band looking forward to supporting Flogging Molly Gig

Brad Dear, founder
Brad Dear, founder

Warsop-based band Brad Dear and the March will be performing at Nottingham's iconic Rock City next week,

The band - who have only been together for a short time - said the gig, set to take place on July 10 will be a huge occasion for them, when they play at the venue supporting internationally renowned act Flogging Molly.

Brad Dear, band founder said: "I founded the band around 3 years ago and started off by playing in pubs just to get myself out there, I always felt if I had a group of talented musicians who have the same passion for music that I have, then we can be very successful.

"The current group of musicians have been with me for about four months and we are really enjoying the ideas we all bring to the table.

"Flogging Molly are a huge name in Celtic punk and we are buzzing to be supporting them, hopefully this can be the start for us and we can go onto bigger and better shows.

"Ideally by next year we want to performing more national and international gigs as we as a group feel connected and close and we all want the same things.

"We are not only band mates but friends as well, the band all contribute to ideas and we have been rehearsing at least 3 times a week, which can get difficult when trying to organise as people have other commitments, but thankfully everyone is on the same page and we arrange rehearsals quite easily.

"Friends and family have really got behind us and we couldn't have done this without their support, getting tickets is quite easy so we haven't been in a position where people are asking us for tickets.

"Even people I haven't met before are interested so we must be doing something right, hopefully people who attend can enjoy the show and if they like what we do, get in touch and work with us.

"Promoting talent in Warsop is something that I am always looking to do, and I'm also performing both solo and as a group at the Warsop Carnival".

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