The Magpies are not to be missed in local gigs later this year

The Magpies

Catch a gig by The Magpies later in the year.
Catch a gig by The Magpies later in the year.

Dorothy Pax, Sheffield, October 19/Doncaster Roots Music Club, October 28.

It seems no time since The Magpies burst onto the UK folk scene, but they have already made a huge impact with their fresh brand of transatlantic neo-folk.

Following the success of their debut album in 2020, The Magpies have announced the release of their second album on October 14.

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    Following the release, The Magpies will be touring the album across the UK and Ireland.

    The Magpies’ debut album - Tidings - was released in June 2020 to critical acclaim.

    A rich and varied showcase of the live show, the album draws on a range of influences and delivers a sound that can only be described as contemporary, bringing a fresh and feminist voice to the current milieu.

    Three accomplished musicians in their own right, The Magpies is a combination far greater than the sum of its parts.

    Based on a deeply felt musical friendship, The Magpies work collaboratively, arranging material led by powerful vocals and glittering instrumental ornamentation.

    Guitarist Bella Gaffney, banjo player Kate Griffin and fiddle-player Holly Brandon draw on their wide-ranging influences to create a unique blend of transatlantic folk.

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