REVIEW: Pop punk favourites Catch Fire's Guilty As Charged

Nottingham's brightest pop punk star shines again with Catch Fire's latest release. After taking several hard listens Guilty As Charged I can clarify that they have another brilliant track.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 30th January 2017, 1:30 pm

Catch Fire’s greatest element is the clear band chemistry that flows through them first beginning as Layby in 2013 they have continued to evolve and grow throughout the past year and months, going on a tour mid 2016 has enabled them to get a real taste of what I feel they can become.

The track has the perfect example of melancholy lyrics with the emphasis on it’s fast paced tune that completes their usual oxymoron of bringing their pop punk music and bringing it hand in hand with a clear grunge mentality.

Catch Fire has a sense of pure originality and love for the music they create with the obvious and clear intentions to make a name for themselves, the Nottinghamshire fivesome have clearly lived and breathed music and played in with other musicians to finally come together and create something much greater.

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This is a giant leap from the earlier EP The Distance I Am From You and even Wild Things and leaves me extremely excited for the new EP that is expected March 24, if any of the other tracks are anything close to this then you can be sure that it’ll be the hottest EP that Nottingham has seen in some time.

Guilty As Charged is a perfect anthem that believe it or not for it’s genre is extremely catchy and you’ll be singing it without even noticing, the rawness of vocals gives a sense of fragility to the lyrics and helps the track be more accessible and enjoyable.

Overall, this is a track that you need to listen too, pop punk fans will love this but more importantly music lovers will love it, it’s the perfect example of a young band proving that they can make it in the industry by having a lot of talent and knowledge for the genre they most clearly love.

Remember to keep your ear to the ground for the upcoming EP A Love That I Still Miss on March 24.