Look forward to a Nottingham Rough Trade performance for rising Irish singer Aoife Nessa Frances

Aoife Nessa Frances

By Steve Eyley
Friday, 13th May 2022, 12:00 am
Aoife Nessa Frances

Nottingham Rough Trade, November 5.

The Irish artist has released a new single Emptiness Follows and revealed details of a major tour, happening later in the year.The track is a mesmerising, pastoral piece of psych-folk, the playfulness of Aoife’s instrumentation juxtaposed by her beguiling voice as she meditates on the pain of friendships drifting apart.It's also the first taste of the follow-up to her much loved 2020 debut Land of No Junction, with further details to come later in the year.Aoife has spent time in the west of Ireland over the last two years working on new music.Her 2020 debut album Land of No Junction won praise from the likes of Uncut, The Quietus, MOJO and Pitchfork, with the latter describing Aoife’s voice as “...a headlight in fog.”Her debut abounds with deceptively serene serenades and surprising lyrical shifts.”

Photo credit: Katie Freeney

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