Head into the forest at Rufford Park for immersive version of The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

By Steve Eyley
Saturday, 7th May 2022, 12:00 am

Rufford Abbey Country Park, Ollerton, June 1 to 5.

Dare you enter the deep forests where bears, snakes and tigers roam? Don’t worry too much though – most of them are friendly and break into the odd show tune!Nottinghamshire-based theatre company Copper Entertainment are back with their adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling classic, which will have you singing with Baloo the bear, swinging with King Louie and avoiding capture by Shere Khan.This immersive experience breaks down those traditional theatre walls, transporting audiences into the complete wonderment of The Jungle Book.This is a walk-through trail experience with six actors in performance zones throughout the forest. Take an hour-long journey through dance, puppetry, music and comedy, featuring professional performers, fantastic costumes and beautiful scenery.

Details: For more on tickets, go to https://www.copperentertainment.co.uk/

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Check out The Jungle Book when it is performed by Copper Entertainment at Rufford Abbey

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