Get onboard the Prosecco Express for Joanne McNally's Sheffield and Nottingham shows

Joanne McNally – The Prosecco Express

Sheffield City Hall (Memorial Hall), October 20/Nottingham Playhouse, November 17.

Due to a relentless ageing process, Joanne is suddenly in her late 30s with no husband, no kids, no pension and no plan.

She is full of questions in her new live show The Prosecco Experess: if she doesn’t birth anything, who will be obligated to watch her die so she doesn’t have to do it alone?

See Joanne McNally's new show The Prosecco Express in Nottingham and Sheffield

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    Joanne is on a mission to solve absolutely nothing and she’d like you to come along and join her.

    Described as 'a truly gifted stand up' by The Sunday Times, join Joanne McNally at Sheffield City Hall and Nottingham Playhouse in the autumn as she revisits her irreverent and critically acclaimed show The Prosecco Express.

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