Wood so close to ton weight again

Kyle Wood again took top spot as he finished just one fish short of a ton in James Maude Angling Club’s match at Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery’s Holmedale Lake.

After the previous match’s mammoth haul at Mallory with 10 tons, it seemed this match could be something of a comedown for most anglers, though Holmedale still can produce its tons on the day from a selection of pegs.

His last visit saw Wood take a ton from peg 14 with 100lb 15oz, but this time out saw Kyle pegged on 21.

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With a long chuck to the island, tight in to get a bite on method feeder with pellet hook bait and his usual paste attack close in, saw Wood one fish short of the ton, taking 97lb 9oz to the scales.

Pete Lambert, finding some form at last, fished a cracking match on peg 36, weighing in with 85lb 13oz.

Second place in the Premiership League Dave Lilliman, still pushing for top spot, had another great match. Fishing from peg 20, he took the bulk of his 83lb 7oz down the edge at 11mm on corn for third.

Catchweights: Kyle Wood 97lb-9 peg 21, Pete Lambert 85lb-13oz peg 36, Dave Lilliman 83lb-7oz peg 20, Kev Brown 58lb-2oz peg 11, Alan Slack 54lb-7oz peg 53, Johnny Evans 51lb-2oz peg 25, Dave Sewell 50lb-13oz peg 56, Brian Cox 49lb-10z peg 22, Dave Johnson 39lb-110z peg 17, Billy Harrison 34lb-5oz peg 41, Nick Heath 33lb-3oz peg 45, Tony Smith 33lb-2oz peg 19, Pete Jackson 31lb-7oz peg 39, Sean Hanrahan 30lb-4oz peg 37, Ian Carr 29lb-9oz peg 31, Paul Skeldon 29lb-2oz peg 51, Dean Collingham 26lb-3oz peg 48, Terry Cheeseman 26lb-1oz peg 14, Terry Wiggins 21lb-13oz peg 4, Lenny Burton 15lb-15oz peg 9, Lawrence Butcher 7lb-2oz peg 28, Shaun Green 6lb-4oz peg 1.

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