Sibling rivalry as Reeves youngsters go wheel to wheel at Mallory Park

Holly and Pierce Reeves are taking sibling rivalry to a new level as they embark on motorcycle racing careers.

Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 11:34 am
Holly Reeves at Mallory Park - photo by Gunstone Photography
Holly Reeves at Mallory Park - photo by Gunstone Photography

Holly is 16 and Pierce just 12, but the Sutton youngsters went wheel to wheel in the same race for the first time at Mallory Park last weekend, albeit in different classes at the East Midlands Racing Association club.

“It was a worry when the kids wanted to race and we still worry – but it's one of those things,” smiled mum Rachel.

“They were in the same race for the first time ever at the weekend and I know whichever one wins I will have one upset child!

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Pierce Reeves - photo by Gunstone Photography

“Watching them at the weekend when they were both battling, they finished one race with 0.5 seconds between them, so the worry is they can actually knock each other off as well.

“But Pierce is determined to beat Holly and the gloves are going to be off for the next round on 8th August.”

The interest grew out of a family passion for the sport.

“The interest started watching British Superbikes as spectators - dad Gary is an avid fan.

“Gary and I both ride on the road and have had a go on track days, but neither of us has raced – we're not that brave or stupid!

“Hollie met a young rider called Jodie Fieldhouse in the paddock and her and her family are amazing. They do so much to help other people and answered lots of questions.

“Holly was 14 and Jodie told her any girl could do it – the whole Girl Power piece! I can't praise her enough.

“It grew for her from there and I think Pierce, bless him, started doing it because his sister was doing it.”

She added: “Holly and Pierce both started out on British Mini-Bikes, which are growing quite fast and doing really well at developing young riders with some quite prestigious names behind it. They then progressed to the bigger bikes.

“Although they are both out on exactly the same bikes, Ninja 300s, due to Pierce's age he has had to have a restrictor on his bike to make it the equivalent of a 125 and they are in different classes.

“Luckily local businessman Shane Hodgkinson at STH Motorcycles & Dyno was able to do this for us and continues to support us on and off track. Shane is actually in the same class as Holly.”

On the children's ambitions, she added: “Pierce would like to finish top three this year – it's a bit of a challenge and we're not sure he will be able to do it – while Holly would like to stay top five in her class.

“Next year Pierce is 13 in May and can have the restrictors out of his bike.

“Then I am sure he and Holly will be vying for top three between the two of them.”

But Rachel admitted finance would probably halt them getting too far in the sport.

“Down the line, obviously they would like to go a lot further than we can afford them to,” she said.

“I think realistically it will stay at club racing level with people like EMRA.

“Potentially there is another club called BEMSEE which do really well for developing young riders. We have only had the chance to ride with them once this year due to finances. It just comes at a cost and at the moment it's beyond us.”

She continued: “We are still very much in our infancy with it.

“Holly started in March last year and managed to pass her test course just before lockdown.

“So although she has had her ACU licence a year longer than Pierce, due to lockdown she has only done four or five race days more than him.”

Pierce scooped a second place at Cadwell with BEMSEE on his first ever race weekend at club level and last weekend managed two second places and a third place at Mallory Park.