New boxing club aims to pack a punch in Kirkby

A new boxing club is hoping to make a big impact in Kirkby.

Friday, 11th June 2021, 6:43 am
The club are aiming to return back to competitions in the near future.

The Mansfield Boxing Academy has relocated to Diamond Avenue and will be the first club to throw a punch in Kirkby for eight years.

And head coach Danny Phillips believes the club has a bright future in the town.

He said: “A lot are a bit dubious due to COVID restrictions, but there seems to be good interest. We have had plenty of enquiries.

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“This is a really good time to work on fitness and development and to progress further.

“When restrictions are eased it will help. We are looking forward to a bright future and being able to work with people on fitness and mentality.

“When things do ease off we will be fit and ready.”

The club has a variety of aims, including tackling obesity, mental and physical health problems, promoting equality and creating a better community.

And they also hope to offer sporting opportunities by once again sending fighters to competitions.

Phillips added: “We are accredited to England Boxing at the moment so we will be pushing for guys to go to competitions such as the national championships and schoolboy championships.

“There are a few guys who are already showing promise.

"We are training and working with them to hone their skills and to help them realise their own potential.”

And one such fighter already heading in the right direction is Liam Panayi, who will make his pro debut on 31st July when he fights a BIBA Super Lightweight bout in Colchester.

“I really admire his determination,” added Phillips. “He is one of the most determined guys I have had the pleasure of working with.

“We actually fought twice when we first started out. I always admired his get up and go and his ability to brush off whatever setbacks he had.

“He would call it a new day and build up again from that and he’s never lost that mentality.

"He’s doing well in training and we hope we get the result we want.

“He is a great example to the younger lads and what they can achieve.”