Nostalgia: Here’s what made the Hucknall Dispatch deadlines in June 1964

HEADLINERS - a Bulwell AMBULANCE DRIVER who had an accident while rushing a patient to hospital is given an absolute discharge by Nottingham magistrates, having pleaded guilty to a charge of driving to the danger of the public.

Monday, 9th June 2014, 3:32 pm
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The court hears that the patient was a miner who had collapsed while working at LINBY COLLIERY.

The ambulance driver crossed a road intersection while the TRAFFIC LIGHTS were against him but the magistrates decide he was doing his best for the patient.

Aircraftsman MICHAEL SHELLEY, of Hucknall, is one of a 16-man mountain and rescue team who take part in a remarkable training exercise.

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This is held on the remote island of SOCOTRA in the Indian Ocean, where trees are so densely packed that in places it is possible to walk on their flat tops.

The inhabitants are mainly Bedouin CAVE DWELLERS. The team conquer seven of nine major peaks on the island, none of which had previously been climbed by Europeans.

They hire CAMELS to carry heavy equipment to their base camp, which is at a height of 2,400 feet.

Nottingham City Council give the go-ahead for a new FIRE STATION to be built on Stockhill Lane at a cost of £97,778.

This will replace the existing fire station on COVENTRY ROAD, Bulwell, which is said to be unsuitable and badly sited.

Fourteen-year-old local boy John Bell (14) is hailed a hero after SAVING a small lad from drowning and then reviving him with artificial respiration.

An 18-year-old Bulwell Hall Estate girl suffers CONCUSSION in an accident while riding on the pillion of a motorbike.

After a TYPHOID outbeak in Aberdeen, officers of Hucknall Urban Council check shops, canteens and warehouses in the town to make sure there are no suspect tins of corned beef.

Nine pupils of Hucknall National Secondary School are caught up a violent STORM during a camp at Arnside, Westmorland.

Some boys among the group have to move their tent into a nearby BARN where they find hay comfortable to sleep on.

A Bestwood Park Estate moped rider who DIED from injuries he received in a road accident was not wearing a crash helmet, an inquest hears.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- no fewer than 15 advertisements for holiday accommodation in BLACKPOOL are published in the Dispatch.

Another advert states that Park Drive CIGARETTES are ‘really good value’ at three shillings and eighpence for a packet of 20.

Dispatch reader G.H.Allcock hits out at a decision by Labour-controlled Hucknall Urban Council to deny the chairmanship to long-serving Indepenent member Coun ERIC MORLEY.

A special service is held to re-dedicate the newly-renamed ST MARK’S Methodist Church in Bulwell.

A letter-writer to the Dispatch signing himself JOHN BUNYAN says there is evidence that ‘humanity is bankrupt’.

He writes: “It can be proved that conventional political parties and religious organisations have been weighed in the balance and FOUND WANTING.”

In an ‘I Remember’ article, a guest corrspondent recalls CONSTANCE SHACKLOCK, from Bulwell, who gained fame as a contralto singer and regularly sang ‘Rule Britannia’ at the Promenade concerts.

Also remembered are the Robinson family, of Bulwell, who were talented musicins. Mark Robinson, who played the cello, was the father of former Dispatch chief reporter Denis Robinson.

An assurance that Nottingham City Council are disinfecting DUSTBINS is made by Bulwell member Coun Arthur Wright.

NAMES -- Hucknall and Bulwell Labour MP WILLIAM WHITLOCK tells how, on a visit to Ethiopia, he found that a number of large black ants had found their way up his pyjama legs and he had to pull them away from his skin to get rid of them.

The death occurs in Nottingham City Hospital of PERCY HOLEYWELL, of Repton Road, Bulwell.

Aged 70, Mr Holeywell COLLAPSED while socialising at Hucknall and Linby Miners Welfare Centre.

KATHLEEN WHYATT (19) is selected as queen for the eagerly-awaited Bestwood Village Carnival and a red velvet cloak with white fur trimming is specially made for her.

Kathleen, of the village’s Park Road, is a MACHINIST at the Highfields Productions hoisery factory in Hucknall.

Father FRANCIS LANG, of Bulwell Roman Catholic Church, celebrates his silver jubilee as a priest.

COURT -- two Hucknall miners who went to a QUARRY in Linby to get some stone for their rockery decided to take it without paying when they found no-one there, magistrates hear.

While paying an unscheduled visit, the quarry owner saw the stone loaded into two VANS.

A Hucknall man who took a CAR without consent tells a court: “I just walked up to where it was parked.”

The man is said to have attended a MENTAL HOSPITAL as a voluntary patient.

In the heat of the moment, a 40-year-old Hucknall man took a WINDSCREEN WIPER from a parked van beause it was raining and he needed one to put on his car, magistrates hear.

SPORT -- persistent heavy rain washes out the local CRICKET programme for the whole weekend.

It also prevents any play in the Test match between England and Australia at Trent Bridge.