Zygabyte A move to the top of Mansfield and District Table Tennis League table

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Zygabyte A moved back to top of the Mansfield and District Table Tennis League as they took advantage of Rascals not playing this week with a win over Jacksdale B.

Dean Brookes once again won the player-of the match, making that 6 out of 7 for the season so far, as he won all his matches.

Joe Zygadlo also won won 3-0 and was backed up by Bob Hume, who won two of his games but lost to Pete Hodgson in the only point on the night for Jacksdale B.

Simon Chatterton, of Ravenshead Riots, likes playing Jacksdale C, as he again won player-of the-match winning in a convincing 9-1 victory.

Simon and John Watson won all their games 3-0. Andy Thorley made the Riots team up, with all his games going to 5 ends, winning 2 and losing 14-12 in the fifth to John Fordham, who won Jacksdale C’s only point on the night.

A fantastic battling player-of-the-match performance from the 84 year-old Roy Dre saw Hucknall 50+ beat the New Cross Snipers 6-4.

Roy has played every match for his team this season and has a 69 per cent win rate.

It was a similar match to the meeting earlier this season, with Hucknall 50+ going into the doubles 5-4 up, and in a close doubles match the team of Dick Johnson and Roy Drew managed to beat Tony and Ben Swain to win the tie 6-4.

Once again Steve Scott, of Ravenshead Rhinos,got his eight player-of-the-match award in 10 appearances and he is performing very strongly this year with 93.33 per cent win record.

Richard Robinson also won all his matches as the Rhinos beat Ravenshead Rebels 7-3.

All three of the Rebels Phil Stringer, Val Tully and Jim Westwood beat Graham Smith, but Graham salvaged his night by winning the doubles with Steve Scott to win the tie 7-3.

Rhinos move to second, but with two games in hand on the leaders and only one point behind they look in a very strong position for this year’s Division Two title.