Zygabyte A and Ravenshead Riots progress in Shippam Shield

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It was the Shippam Shield Quarter-finals in the Mansfield and District Table Tennis League this week and, with only two Division One teams surviving the previous round and last year’s winner already out, the shield was wide open.

Zygabyte A & Ravenshead Riots made sure the two Division One teams progressed into the Semi-Finals.

Zygabyte A beating Ravenshead Rhinos by 25 points and Ravenshead Riots beating Hucknall 50+ by 47 points. Zygabyte A & Ravenshead Riots will now meet in the semi-finals.

In the other half of the draw New Cross Snipers beat Ravenshead Angels by 45 points and Ravenshead Rebels beat Boothys Ravens by 20 points.

The Snipers and the Rebels meet in the semi-final making sure a Division Two side will be represented in the Final.

The Shippam Shield is a handicap cup where three players from each team play each other in two games 21up and each point is added up from all 18 games.

Then a handicap is applied as prepared by the tournament secretary to get the final result.

The Semi-Finals will be played on Monday 30th March 2015 at Ravenshead Leisure Centre and New Cross Public House.

Full Results

New Cross Snipers bt Ravenshead Angels 374-329, Ravenshead Rebels bt Boothys Ravens 383-353, Ravenshead Riots vs Hucknall 50+ 378-331, Zygabyte A bt Ravenshead Rhinos 378-353.