Wood halts James Maude angling run with back-to-back wins

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Kyle Wood gave the rest of the field a pasting with back to back wins at Hallcroft Bridge Pool Island after James Maude Angling Club matches had seen five different winners in the first five outings.

In a ‘match of two halves’ Kyle Wood broke the sequence, proving what a good angler he is becoming as his paste tactics elevated him into top slot once again.

Fishing from island peg 21, Kyle topped the ton with 101lb 4oz, making his challenge on the league title a serious one this season.

His neighbour on island peg 23 was Shaun Green, and Shaun’s water craft was to make him the only serious challenger of the day with a commendable 70lb 12oz.

The Sunday Holmedale Lake Open Match at Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery was won by Gary Hazelwood.

He fished the pole and pellet at 12m shallow at peg nine. Having signs of fish all day, he landed 32 carp to 6lb, weighing in 121lb 14oz.

In second place Jon Woodland fished the pole and pellet out at 16m on the deck in the big bay at peg 20 landing 103lb 10oz of carp to 4lb.

The week before the match went to Richard Evans, who drew peg one and fished the pole and pellet on two lines down the margin at 9+14m, regularly landing carp to 7lb and weighing in the only ton of the day with 106lb 15oz.

Wednesday Fun League winner on a cold Holmedale Lake was Mick Langton, who fished the pole on two lines with meat and paste at peg 17, landing just 17 carp to 9lb and winning with a weight of 96lb 2oz In second place Matt Malia fished down both margins at end peg 56, landing 16 carp to 9lb on the pole and pellet and taking 72lb 5oz to the scales.

Tuesday Open winner John Holmes caught three 10lb carp on popped up bread cast to the weed beds on Sherwood Lake and a further 12 more to 6lb on the pole and corn fished down the margin for 69lb 5oz.

Runner-up Martin Rouse fished the pole with corn down both margins for a mixed net of bream, ide and carp, finishing with 66lb 7oz.