Sutton swimmers retain Major Oak trophy

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For the second year running Sutton Swimming Club ran out winners of the Top Club Trophy Award at the Mansfield Major Oak meeting at Water Meadows.

With six points awarded to the top swimmer in each age group, for each event and then descending points awarded until one point is given to the sixth placed swimmer in each even,t it meant that all 29 squad swimmers from Sutton had to give their very best in order to secure the title.

After the second of five sessions Sutton were in second place by just two points to Sherwood Colliery Swimming Club.

Session three was very productive for the Sutton squad, who took over the lead from Sherwood.

At the start of session four on Sunday morning Sutton were aware that local rivals Sherwood had some talented swimmers participating that had not taken part the previous day although the Sutton team were also bolstered by the experienced Ruslan Golubs and Sam Creak for the second day of competition.

Sutton ran out comfortable winners of the 23 competing clubs in the end with a huge total of 502 points.

Runners-up were the 30 swimmers representing Sherwood Colliery Swimming Club with 437 points while the 46 swimmers representing Mansfield Swimming Club finished third with 402 points.

Chloe Quinn (10) won the Top Girl cash award of £20 by securing a massive 63 points and in the process won five first place medals, four second place medals and one third place medal. Chloe swam seven personal best times over the weekend and is now within 0.5 of a second from securing her first ever Midland Regional Qualification Time.

Matthew Woodhall (9) was runner-up in the Top Boy award, securing 48 points and nine medals from his nine events with four first place, four second place and one third place finishes. Matthew also swam three personal best times over the weekend.

Lauren Quinn (15), Neve Fergie (13) and Mia Fergie (13) all reached their respective Medley Skins finals and each secured a £10 cash award for this personal achievement.

Every member of the Sutton team achieved some level of success and from 201 swims at the meet won an impressive 76 medals of which 24 were first place medals, 32 second and 20 third place.

In addition they secured another 60 fouth, fifth or sixth place finishes which boosted the overall points total significantly.

In total the Sutton swimmers achieved a massive 110 personal best times, some 148 of these swims being completed within the Nottinghamshire County qualification times and even more impressive were some 20 Midland Regional qualification times were achieved.

Sutton swimmers that secured Midland Regional qualification times on the day were Neve Fergie (13), who swam in eight races and won four first place medals, one second place medal and one third place medal whilst recording six Midland Regional qualification times.

Lauren Quinn (15) also swam in eight races winning a first place medal, four second place medals and two third place medals while recording five Midland Regional qualification times.

Mia Fergie (12) won two first place medals, three second place medals and two third place medals from her eight swims plus five Midland times while Ruslan Golubs (14) won three first place medals and a second place medal from his four swims, with all his times being within the Midlands qualification times.

Other Sutton medal winners were: Nicole Lai, Chloe Peach, Sophie Bunker, Jim Fergie, Ellie Bunker, Owen Harding, Nicola Peach, Ellethea Hawley, Adam Hudson, Connor Marsh, Liam Marsh, Jason Lai and Nell Polley.

In winning her third place medal, Nell Polley also secured her first ever County qualifying time. Other swimmers representing the Sutton SC over the weekend that helped to secure team points were Giovanni Balanur, Flora Lai, Ellie Read, Joshua Leeson, Sam Creak, Lauren Morley and Lauren Dobbs.

Other swimmers for Sutton that secured PBs over the weekend were Aaron Lee, Jasmine Lai and Caid Murphy-Lea.