Sutton Harriers lead Booth’s Cross Country Winter League

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Sutton Harriers are the combined overall leaders in the Booth’s Cross Country Winter League after the latest round at Bakewell Showground

After three races the ladies are top of their table and the men are in third position with only two more races to go.

With 15 male runners and 10 female runners, Sutton Harriers hoped to continue their good form.

Here are the results: Paul Whittingham VM50 2nd 22mins 22secs, Lee Morris SM 12th 28m 41s, Liam Hodson SM 20th 29m 40s, Tony Goodyear VM40 2nd 29m 53s,First female to finish was Michelle Willcocks SL 1st 30m 20s, Chris Holmes SM 24th 30m 51s, Glen Baird VM45 5th 31m 57s. Laetitia Moakes (third female to finish)SL 3rd 32m 34s, Mandy Cormicam SL 4th 32m 43s, Rob Roper VM45 8th 32m 50s, Sally Hughes VL40 1st 33m 44s, Paul Dobbs VM45 9th 34m 34s, Sarah Hutchinson SL 7th 34m 43s, Amanda Alletson VL 40 5th 36m 29s, Callum Ball Junior male 7th 36m 49s, Kate Simpson SL 13th 37m 56s, James Roper Junior male 8th 38m 21s, Alison Whittingham VL45 2nd 38m 39s, Mil Hodson Vl40 18th 38m 50s, Kerry Shooter VL40 10th 40m 49s, Paul Beasley VM55 14th 41m 28s, Steve Saunders VM60 4th 42m 54s, Tony Staniland VM70+ 2nd 43m 09s, Phil Bird VM50 25th 46m 56s, Gayle Pickering VL45 9th 48m 17s.