Records tumbling for Angels Gym members

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Members of Angels Gym competed at the World Powerlifting Championships in Coventry.

The nine-strong team from the Mansfield Woodhouse gym returned with personal bests, medals and even world records.

Callum Lakin was named the under 56kg world champion. He broke two world records for 145kg deadlift and a total of 337.5kg.

Records continued to tumble for Kevin Savoury, at 56, in the masters four weight class 100kg full power raw category, claiming deadlift and overall total records.

There was another world record for 46-year-old Martin Cooke in the masters two weight class 140+kg full power raw category. His records came in squat (275kg), deadlift (255kg) and overall (685kg)

Cooke said: “This is my first year of competition and after setting British records in May for all three lifts I have surpassed my own expectations by claiming the world records in squat and deadlift.”

Harry Glass, 20, finished second junior in the under 82.5kg full power category, with 437.5kg total from seven of nine attempts.

Kirkby’s Anthony Spalding, 26, came first in the under 110kg male open class with a 210kg squat, 142.5kg bench and 265kg deadlift.

Kelly Spalding, 24, came second in under 60kg women’s open with 70kg squat, 42.5kg bench and 105kg deadlift.

Jane Stevenson, 40, masters one weight class 67.5kg set a new world record with 180kg in deadlift which placed her as all frederation record holder and UK Number One female lifter in her weight division.

John Vincent, 52, masters three weight class 73kg lifted 230kg deadlift.

Scott Higgins, raw open 100kg, set a new world record of 302.5kg with his second deadlift in his first year of competitions.