New junior golf initiative launched at Oakmere Park Golf Club

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A new junior golf initiative, which aims to spread the sport to youngsters across Mansfield and Ashfield, has been introduced at Oakmere Park Golf Club.

The scheme has been introduced following the success of junior coach Jamie Jarvis and could be further extended in the coming years.

A membership for U16’s on the Commanders Course from July to November will cost £20 giving unlimited golf for four months.

Jamie will also be providing weekly beginners lessons on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and weekdays during school holidays for only £15 for six one hour lessons.

Daryl St John Jones, director of golf at Oakmere Park, said: “This is a really exciting initiative that Oakmere has taken on.

“By offering this incentive to all kids across the counties, who knows these could be the future Lee Westwoods or Rory Mcilroys.

“Most kids don’t get the opportunity to play golf and especially join a golf club partly because of the joining fees, but also by the golf rules in place. “Hopefully this incentive will break down those barriers and make golf affordable and accessible for all juniors across the County.

“Hopefully once linked in to the subsidized coaching program they will progress to full membership at either Oakmere or any of the Clubs that are most local to them.

“We hope, in the future, all Clubs around the County will start an incentive like this to encourage kids to get into golf.