Mansfield swimmers set new personal bests and county times at Major Oak event

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Mansfield Swimming Club hosted their annual Major Oak Open Meet this weekend.

From the newest of swimmers to the more mature swimmers, Mansfield Swimming Club came out in force watching 35 of their competitive swimmers battling it out with each and every swimmer using their own goals and targets, swimming each race strong and fast.

Throughout the weekend the swimmers pulled in a whopping 105 new personal best times and saw individuals bringing home 43 top place trophies.

The event also saw a lot of new and improved county times being achieved by a wide variety of swimmers.

The club welcomed to their meet some of their newest swimmers to competitive swimming. Chloe Coleman (9) pulled in some amazing new P.Bs taking nearly eight seconds of her 200m freestyle.

She also took six seconds of her 50 meter freestyle, gaining a silver medal and her first official county time. Chloe also gained a bronze medal in the girl’s 50 metre breast stroke.

The club also introduced Zack Bolton (10), Cameron Ball (11), Callum Brooks (9), Max Burroughes (10), Louise Darby (12), Amelia Hargrave (9), Aimee Hayes (11), Charlotte Hopkinson (10), Ethan Mason (11), Saffron Milner (11) and William Merrit (9).

For every one of these they all settled in well to their first experience, looking to the more experienced swimmers for advice and support.

The more experienced swimmers from the club also shone with medals and a huge amount of PBs between them.

Charlotte Baguely (15) showed the way winning gold in the 200 metre breaststroke.

She also gained a bronze in her 100 metre breaststroke and a silver in her 50 metre breaststroke. Fleur Beilby (12) smashed her PB times by 46 seconds across six races.

Tyler Brown (10) swam just shy of two more county times, but improved his current 50 metre freestyle time.

Emily Canavan-Taylor (18) swam to her PB times on two events. Emily Freeman (12) gave a good fight gaining a county time in her 50 fly and improved her times in five events.

Oliver Hempsall (20) made an appearance for a 50 metre dash down the pool, swimming just outside his PB, whereas his brother Joseph Hempsall (14) pulled in a fantastic new PB in his 50 metre freestyle.

Amber Thompson (12) crashed out a great new PB in her 100 metre freestyle and her 100 backstroke.

Heidi Marriott (10) brought home the gold in three events, along with two silvers and a bronze.

She also gained six new PBs and a whole lot of improved county times. Siblings Charlie–May Meade (11) and Lewis Meade (9) also carried home many trophies. Charlie-May gained gold in her 50 metre backstroke and a silver in the 100 metre backstroke.

Lewis came home with seven medals, two golds, four silvers and a bronze. Both achieved many new improved county times across many strokes.

Another set of siblings that battled it out this weekend was Liam (19) and Brendan (18) O’Keefe.

Both lads gained individual new PBs with Brendan taking a two silvers in the 200 metre backstroke and 100 metre freestyle, and two bronze medals in the 100 metre backstroke and 50 metre freestyle.

The rest of the boys swimming from Mansfield Swimming club included Kieran Thompson (11), Mathew Wade (11), Bailey Slater (10), Rhys Taylor (15) and Ben Sharrocks (15).

Ben won a gold in the 200 metre backstroke, and a silver in the 100 metre backstroke.

Rhys swam himself in to the skins event at the end of the IMs by finishing with a bronze in the 200 metre IM.

He came home with two golds two silvers and a bronze. He also improved his personal best times in five events.

Bailey swam 10 events over the weekend and brought home three silvers and three bronze medals and a fantastic eight new personal best times, to improve his county times.

Kieran gained his final county time and swam in the 400 metre IM. He gained four new PBs which improved his county times too.

Matthew swam new times in three events and gained three official county times during the weekend as well.

The girls saw Evie Wilson gain a total of six county times, with six fabulous new PBs and she finished of the weekend gaining a bronze medal in the girl’s 50 metre freestyle.

Blaize Smith (12) swam herself a new time in her 200 metre freestyle and Leah Seagrave (9) swimming around her PBs in two events and swam herself two new PBs.

Her sister, Elli Seagrave (12) swam in eight events. Elli smashed just over 20 seconds of her personal best times overall. She carried home two silver medals and two bronze medals.