Mansfield powerlifter Jane is best in world after year to remember

BEST IN THE WORLD -- powerlifter Jane Stevenson, of Mansfield.
BEST IN THE WORLD -- powerlifter Jane Stevenson, of Mansfield.

Mansfield sportswoman Jane Stevenson has taken the whole world by storm after achieving a clean sweep this year with outstanding performances in all the powerlifting events she has attended.

It is unusual for a woman to make such a mark in the strength sports, but Jane has dominated her category in 2016.

She started the year by competing in the British Powerlifting Union’s (BPU) British Championship, winning her class and setting new British records in the deadlift discipline.

Jane also excelled at the BPU Body Power events at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC), again winning her class and also breaking her own records, as well as setting a new record.

She went on from there to compete at the British Powerlifting Federation’s (BPF) European Championships, where she set a new world record with a deadlift of 170kg. This performance qualified Jane for the World Championships in Coventry earlier this month when she produced another wonderful performance.

She not only won her class to become the deadlift women’s world champion, she also set another new world record in the class and won best overall women’s deadlift title of the entire competition.

Jane’s world record of 180kg deadlift means she is now ranked number one in all federations worldwide, which is a rare and remarkable achievement.

Jane, who trains at the popular Angel’s Gym on Debdale Lane in Mansfield Woodhouse, is full of thanks and praise for the gym’s owner, Nigel Goundry, for his support, along with that of her powerlifting teammates and training partners.

A spokeswoman for the gym said: “Women’s achievements in sport can be a little overlooked, especially those of women in strength sports.

“But Jane has had an extraordinary year and totally dominated her sport.

“She has set records and then broken them again and won best overall women lifter in every event she has been to this year. She is now ranked number one in the world in her class.

“People try to encourage girls into sport these days, and Jane is an excellent role model.

Jane, who spends hours training, also landed a European Championship title last year and has made excellent progress throughout her career in powerlifting.