Mansfield Giants seal comfortable win over Tees Valley Mohawks

Calvin Morant-Hudson hit 23 points in the Mansfield Giants win.
Calvin Morant-Hudson hit 23 points in the Mansfield Giants win.

Mansfield Giants returned to winning ways with an 81-69 win at the Tees Valley Mohawks.

The Giants took the lead from the start of the game and kept it for the following 38:26 seconds of the game.

With only eight travelling players, the visiting Giants outscored the Mohawks 10-4 in the first five minutes of the game forcing the Mohawks to take a time out.

This helped the home team pull back the deficit to 15-13 as the Mansfield team held their opponents to one of their defensive goals of not allowing no more than 14 points to be scored against them per quarter.

The second quarter saw the Mansfield team hold on to their lead as all eight players shared the point’s tally of 29 just five minutes in to the quarter. Calvin Morant-Hudson led the way with 11 of his 23 point haul total as Barry Plummer ended the half with another basket to put the Giants in a healthy 40-34 lead.

Both teams came out knowing that a good start to the second half would be crucial if they were to make a difference to the game.

The Giants made the better start by pressurising the Mohawks with some fantastic defensive effort to complement their around team play on offence as players linked up to find the right opening to score time after time Jojo Owush Ansah sinking 10 out of the 26 points scored by the Giants in the quarter.

The Giants again held their opponents to just 13 as the visitors ran away with a 66-47 point lead.

The fourth quarter saw the Mohawks attempt a comeback by attacking the hoop at every opportunity.

This put the Giants in early foul trouble allowing Tees to start to claw back the scoreline.

The Mansfield side recognised the situation early enough to take measures to combat the Mohawks tactics and held on to the lead to take the game.

Coach Ian Richards said; “This was a totally different Giants team that played today. The attitude was great from the bench through to the players on court. “We made double figure points from turnovers, fast breaks and from the bench players, which shows fantastic effort, all-round ability and team cohesion. “Everyone had fun and enjoyed the game, now we need to build on this ready for our next home game on Saturday at Oak Tree Leisure Centre against Derby.”

The game tips off at 6.15pm, and admission is just £3 for adults and £1.50 for under 16’s.

Top Scorers for Giants: Oli Chenery 2, Liam Burton 6, Dan Richards 7, Gary Collins 8, Keagan Allen 10, Barry Plummer 11, Jojo Owush Ansah 14, Calvin Morant-Hudson 23.