Latest results from Sherwood Forest Fishery matches

HUCKNALL angling round-up.
HUCKNALL angling round-up.

Christian Powers claimed victory in the Sherwood Forest Fisheries Open Match at Holmedale Lake on Sunday.

Chrisian drew peg 36 and fished a pellet scoop feeder cast tight to the island.

And, after a slow start, he built up his swim landing over 30 carp – 7lb.

The only other ton weight went to Craig Radford on the other side of the island at peg 22 he also fished the feeder to the island weighing 105lb 4oz of carp – 6lb.


1st: Christian Powers, Sherwood Forest Fisheryl peg 36, 122-14-0.

2nd: Craig Radford, Eastwood Angling, peg 22, 105-4-0.

3rd: Phil Carline, Alfreton Angling peg 9, 94-9-0.

4th: Leon Hardwick, Mosborough Tackle Box, peg 31, 92-9-0.

5th: Colin Wood, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 20, 82-11-0.

6th: Lee Plackett, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 21, 79-8-0.

In the Tuesday Open on Sherwood Lake in form winner Craig Brazier fished the pole and pellet out on two lines at 6m landing one 3lb carp and the rest of his catch was made up of skimmers – 2lb.

In second Dave also fished the pole short with maggot over ground bait landing skimmers and Ide – 1lb.


1st: Craig Brazier, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 55, 63-1-0.

2nd: Dave Hiley, Matrix Dynamite Trentman, peg, 47, 47-7-0.

3rd: Dave Round, Woodhouse Angling peg 61, 43-15-0.

4th: Steve Richards, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 40, 33-1-0.

5th: Steve Hopkin, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 45, 30-0-0.

6th: Roy Wilcoxson Woodhouse Angling, peg 36, 28-7-0.