Latest results from Sherwood Forest Fishery

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Carl Brown and Kev Baxter are the most recent winners in Sherwood Forest Fishery’s matches on Holmedale Lake.

Brown, who won on 22nd March, fished the pole and pellet out at 14m over the bore hole at peg 31 fishing on the deck and up in the water he landed 98lb 2oz of carp – 5lb.

Baxter won on the following Sunday as he alternated between fishing a small pellet feeder and corn cast to the island and the pole and pellet fished on two lines at 13m putting an all carp catch of 92lb 8oz on the scales.

Open Match, Holmedale Lake, Sunday 22nd March

1st: Carl Brown, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 31, 98-2-0.

2nd: Jamie Mills, Nathans of Derby, peg 45, 60-10-0.

3rd: Chris Greensides, Dynamite Matrix Trentman, peg 27, 59-8-0.

4th: Phil Shaw, Chesterfield, peg 36, 57-5-0.

5th: Kev Baxter, Mosborough Tackle Box, peg 17, 55-15-0.

6th: Norman Powers, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 14, 47-10-0.

Holmedale Lake, Sunday 29th March, 25 fished

1st: Kev Baxter, Mosborough Tackle Box, peg 39, 92-8-0.

2nd: Luke Butterworth, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 26, 77-12-0.

3rd: Carl Williams, Got Baits, peg 36, 77-3-0.

4th: Chris Greensides, Dynamite Matrix Trentman, peg 4, 70-9-0.

5th: Steve Keyworth, Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 15, 69-12-0.

6th: Leon Hardwick, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 54, 59-0-0.