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This weekend saw the semi-finals of the Golfer of the Winter competition at Oakmere Park Golf Club and it was no surprise to see who qualified to the final. Paul Stoker and Michael O’Neill have been white hot throughout this winter with Stoker winning two singles competitions already.

Alan Seddon and Tony Eaton will be a tough pair to beat with Alan’s length off the tee along with Eaton’s expertise on the greens.

Jason Davies and James Jewson face just as tough competition on the Sunday against stalwarts Clark Bradshaw and Danny Seddon.

The odds will be with the one handicapper Davies as he can knock birdies in for fun if his partner Jewson can let him attack the pins, but they will have to raise their game considerably to outwit the experience and skills of Seddon and Bradshaw.

Oakmere Park Golf Club. Admirals Golf course competition results

14th March 2015 Saturday Golfer of the Winter SemiFinal Betterball Medal

1st: Paul Stoker (10) and Michael O’Neill (11), score 66.

2nd: Alan Seddon (9) and Tony Eaton (13), score 67.

3rd: Patrick Mitchell (18) and Andy Green (15), score 69 (B9).

4th: Dave Cope (12) and Mick Morton (15), score 69 (B9).

15th March 2015 Sunday Golfer of the Winter Semi Final Betterball Stableford

1st: Clark Bradshaw (8) and Danny Seddon (12), score 43.

2nd: Jason Davies (1) and James Jewson (13), score 43 (B9).

3rd: Alan Robinson (23) and Tom McCann (27), score 43.

4th: Steve Mee (11) and Dean Tomkinson (7), score 42.

14th March 2015 Medal Yellow Tees

Div 1: 1st - Oliver Mack 73, 2nd - Terry Quinn 73,Chris Walker 73.

Div 2: 1st - Richard Baxter 69, 2nd - Paul Griffin 70, 3rd - Nigel Burton 70.

Div 3: 1st - Connor Brrearley 70, 2nd - John Clarke 70, 3rd - Kevin Brooks 70.

15th March Stableford Yellow Tees

Div 1: 1st - David Oldfield 42pts, 2nd - Oliver Mack 38pts, 3rd - Matthew Rowbotton 38pts.

Div 2: 1st - Keiron Marriott 40pts, 2nd - Shane Watson 36pts, 3rd - Bryan Hardy 35pts.

Div 3: 1st - Callum Griffiths 44pts, 2nd - Neal Smith 36pts, 3rd - Stephen Lee 35pts.

16 March 2015 Seniors Winter Eclectic Rd 11

Div 1: 1st - Ian Kirkham 40pts, 2nd - Alan Thompson 38pts.

Div 2: 1st - Ernest Scott 39pts, 2nd - Michael Booth 38pts.

Oakmere Park Golf Club. Commanders Golf course competition results

13th March 2015 Winter Trophy

Div 1: 1st - Owen Tucker 72, 2nd - Jim Stewart 74, 3rd - Peter Gleave 75.

Div 2: 1st - Clive Barnes 71, 2nd - Peter Rogers 76, 3rd - Gordon Taylor 78.

15th March 2015 Grimes Trophy

Div 1: 1st - Jaques Lacey 75, 2nd - Raph Richards 76, 3rd - Owen Tucker 76.

Div 2: 1st - Andrew Godson 71, 2nd - Paul Stone 74, 3rd - Les Smith 77.

17th March 2015 Stableford

Div 1: 1st - Kevin Hulme 41pts, 2nd - Peter Riley 39pts, 3rd - Keith Harbord 38pts.

Div 2: 1st - Keith Morris 37pts, 2nd - Gordon Taylor 36pts, 3rd - Peter Hill 35pts.