Joe is climbing the ladder of success

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Mansfield’s Joe Czubkowski, a student a Samworth Church Academy, continues to rise in the world of climbing.

Joe (13) has just returned from winning the final round of the Peak Region BMC Youth Climbing Series.

This means that Joe has now won all three rounds in the Peak Area, qualifying for the national final and becoming the Peak Area champion in his age group.

Joe’s dad, Antek, is a dedicated supporter of his son and says he is delighted at his progress.

“I was so proud of Joe when he won; his hard work and dedication have delivered these results,” he said.

“Joe will decide where this will lead. It may be to the British Team or to concentrate on more outdoor climbing.”

Zak Needham, who trains students to use the climbing wall at Samworth Church Academy, says Joe helps other students at the Academy on the climbing wall and high ropes and remains very modest about his ongoing achievements.

“He is always willing to help other students on the climbing wall and coaches them in a positive manner which is great to see,” he said.

“Joe will go from strength to strength in sport climbing, and, if he keeps going the way he is, he’ll be competing at the highest level.”

Joe is currently at Fontainebleau Bouldering in France and is typically understated when asked about his achievements.

“I am very happy that all my training has paid off. I am hoping for a good result in the grand final,” he said.

Dad Antek added that Joe has received a lot of support from Samworth Church Academy to facilitate Joe’s training.

“Samworth Church Academy has been very supportive, sending personal congratulations from the teachers,” he said.

“The Academy try to support Joe in his endeavours, and he has access to the academy climbing wall along with the instructor on two occasions a week, where he can carry out training and practice techniques. We are all very proud of him.”

l Samworth Church Academy has also just hosted a mammoth primary school athletics competition run by teacher David Hunt and student sports leaders from the Academy.

The battle took place indoors at Samworth Church Academy between Abbey Primary School, Berry Hill Primary School, Wynndale Primary and Oak Tree Primary School.

Though the competition was fierce and ended in a nailbiting finish, Oak Tree Primary accumulated the winning score on the day.

Tanna Nita, Mansfield’s Youth Mayor and student at Samworth Church Academy said the event was an exciting and noisy one to witness.

“I think that all the kids involved with the athletics day put in a lot of effort, both the ones who took part and the ones running it,” she said.

“The primary kids always get really excited when it comes to the races because they’re all really competitive.

“When their friends are competing they all scream and shout and it becomes a competition of who can shout the loudest, which motivates the runners, especially when it’s a close race.”

David Hunt, who organised the event, said it had been a great success and, though the competition was strong, that all of the students enjoyed the day.

“It was a superb afternoon of indoor athletics with years 5 and 6 students from the local feeder schools,” he said.

“It was such a fantastic atmosphere and it was clear we had some competitive schools all wanting to win, but buying into our ethos of enjoying their sport and being the best that they can be.”

The final competition saw Oak Tree Primary in first, second place went to Berry Hill Primary School, third came Wynndale Primary School and fourth went to Abbey Primary School.