Huthwaite Boxing Gym fighter Jordon Turner wins on Super Bantamweight debut

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Huthwaite Boxing Gym fighter Jordon Turner beat experienced pro Francis Croes in every round during his Super Bantamweight debut.

Turner had beprepared for 10 months for his professional debut and it showed throughout the fight as his barrage of punches paid dividends.

Fellow Huthwaite fighter Nathan Kirk was in the fight of night as he stepped up against Croatian boxer Antonio Horvatic, who came in to the fight with nine wins (6ko’s) 10 losses.

Kirk struggled in the first round, before he regrouped and knocked his opponent down in rounds two and four to win his third fight of the year.

Jack McCormack, making his debut, had a tricky night against tough Jason Nesbitt, who was having his 199th pro fight and always gives up and coming prospects a difficult night. I think jacks made for professional boxing.