Hole in one for Sarah

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Junior member Sarah Atkinson (17) is celebrating hitting a hole in one on the seventh on the Norwood Park Golf Course in her first ever Junior Competition on Sunday, 28th September, the same day Europe retained the Ryder Cup.

Her coach Richard Strange said: “ Well played Sarah, it’s great to see the many junior girls we now have at Norwood progressing from our coaching groups into club competitions - in Sarah’s case in spectacular form.”

Oakmere Park Golf Club. Admirals Golf course competition results -

Seniors Texas Scarmble - 29th September: 1st Steve Lee, 2nd Derek Ringer, 3rd Ken Parker, 4th John Villiers. Nearest the Pin - Frank Harris.

Medal QR White Tees – 27th September: Dan Braybrook (gross 72). Division One: 1st Darryl Coleman 69, 2nd Robert Kirkwood 73, 3rd Joe Aslam 73. Division Two: 1st Shaun Egan 68, 2nd David Gregory 71, 3rd Paul Tomlin 73. Division Three: 1st Nick Austin 64, 2nd Roy Lane 66, 3rd David Soar 67.

Betterball Stableford White Tees -

Kirkham Cup: Shaun Egan & Joseph Egan.

Division One: 1st Iain Williams & Howard Henshaw, 2nd Andy Green & David Oldfield. Division Two: 1st Shaun Egan & Joseph Egan, 2nd Alex Morrell & Roy Lane.

Oakmere Park Commanders Golf course competition results -

Frank Hall Trophy - 26th September. First Division

Eric Wardle 36, Jim Stewart 35, Peter Gleave 33, Kenneth Corkish 32. Second Division: Bob Waterhouse 37, Bart Palmer 35, Bernard Meade 33, John Lawrence 32.

Hardy Trophy 28th September. First Division: Ray Bothma 38, Ian Barnfather 37, Ross Brown 36. Second Division: Anthony Medley 38, Richard Beadling 37, Paul Stone 36. Tuesday Stableford 30th September. First Division: Keith Harbord 38, Pete Hayes 36, Mick Hitchen 35, Clive Helmkay 35. Second Division: Peter Rogers 36, Bob Waterhouse 35, David Palmer 34, Kenneth Corkish 34.

Oakmere Park Golf Club. Admirals Golf course competition results -

Medal QR White Tees Len Stimpson Putter Trophy - 20th September -

Division One: 1st Matthew Rowbottom 39, 2nd Michael O’Neill 36, 3rd Nigel Richardson. Division Two: 1st Ujagar Singh Sandhu 38, 2nd Robert Gregory 38, 3rd Craig Brewster 36. Division Three: 1st Steve Robinson 44, 2nd Trevor Noon 38, 3rd Nick Austin 36.

Medal QR White Tees Len Stimpson Putter Trophy - 21st September – Division One: 1st Richard Aldread 73, 2nd Craig Brewster 74, 3rd Chris Walker 75. Division Two: 1st Phil Robinson 69, 2nd Anthony Bromirski 72, 3rd Dave Oldfield 74. Division Three: 1st Andrew Purdue 69, 2nd Alistair MacDonald 72, Nick Austin 74.

Oakmere Park Seniors Betterball Stableford, 22nd September: 1st Terry Clarke & Colin Neeson, 2nd John Wilson & John Kenton.

Oakmere Park Golf Club. Commanders Golf course competition results -

Pauley Trophy 19th September: First Division Pete Riley 35, Jim Taylor 35, Owen Tucker 35, Clive Helmkay 34. Second Division: Gordon Taylor 40, Bernard Meade 34, Harry Wood 33, Jim Hanbury 33.

Club Championships 21st September: First Division: Ben Hanbury 74, Mark Hanbury 75 , Mick Hitchen 75, Richard Hardy 75. Second Division: Richard Beadling 72, Brian Arrowsmith 73, Jim Taylor 74, Jim Hanbury 75. Tuesday Stableford 23rd September: First Division: E. John Osborne 38, Peter Davidson 38, Clive Helmkay 34, Pete Hayes 34, Keith Harbord 34. Second Division: Peter Hill 38, Bernard Meade 38, Harold Jordan 34, David Smith 32, Clive Barnes 32.

Rufford Park Ladies Golf Section -

Weekend Medal - 7th September: 1st Tyla Tesh 71 nett, 2nd Jacey Peacock 72 nett, 3rd Liz Stevenson 72 nett.

Midweek Medal - 11th September: 1st Jacey Peacock 66 nett, 2nd Jan Johnson 68 nett, 3rd Sarah Rigby 68 nett.

Captain/Lady Captain - 13th September: 1st Jacey Peacock 36pts, 2nd Jennifer Done 30pts, 3rd Suzanne Froggatt 18pts.

Weekend Stableford - 14th September: 1st Melanie Shirtcliffe 30pts, 2nd Liz Stevenson 28pts, 3rd Emily Lyle 27pts.

Midweek Stableford - 25th September: 1st Jane Sutherland 36pts, 2nd Jennifer Done 27pts, 3rd June Davies 24pts.

4th October Autumn Trophy (medal): 1st Debbie Newell, 2nd Emily Golder, 3rd Theresa Morton.

Rufford Park Ladies – August.

Ladies Weekend Medal - 3rd August: 1st Angie Burrows - nett 71, 2nd Jacey Peacock - nett 72, 3rd Jodie Peacock - nett 74.

Ladies Midweek Stableford - 14th August: 1st Jennifer Done – 39pts, 2nd Jacey Peacock – 37 pts, 3rd Diane Revill - 37 pts.

Grannie’s Trophy - 21st August: 1st Melanie Shirtcliffe - 38 pts, 2nd Elizabeth Stevenson – 38 pts, 3rd Janett Campbell - 32 pts.

Members’ Open Stableford - 23rd August: 1st Ann O’Donnell – 40pts, 2nd Sarah Rigby - 38 pts, 3rd Theresa Morton - 35 pts.

Bank Holiday Stabelford - 25th August: 1st Jacey Peacock - 34 pts.

Ladies Midweek Medal - 28th August: 1st Marion Burrell - nett 69, 2nd Theresa Morton - nett 70, 3rd Lauren Norman - nett 73.

Lady Captain’s Day - 30th August: 1st Marion Burrell - 36 pts, 2nd Tyla Tesh - 36 pts, 3rd Melanie Shirtcliffe - 34 pts.

Best back nine - Debbie Newell. Best Front nine - Christine Lippeat. Nearest the pin - Melanie Shirtcliffe. Longest Drive - Suzanne Froggatt.