Hodgetts wins SANDS charity angling match

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Pete Hodgetts came out on top as Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery anglers raised $500 for the SANDS charity with a match on Holmedale Lake.

Fishing the pole and meat out and down the margins on peg 19, he landed 128lb 15oz of carp to 9lb. In-form at the moment Steve Binch drew peg 14 and fished the pole and worm out at 13m for 37 carp to 5lb and runners-up spot.

Top Junior was Lewis Millership with a splendid 100lb 2oz of carp to 10lb on pole and corn fished down the margins.

Andy Lakey enjoyed some good results in the Wednesday Autumn League on Holmedale over September with three top three finishes.

On 18th September he landed 26 carp to 8lb on the pole and pellet fished out at 11m on end peg 51 for a net of 121lb 15oz tat made him runner-up.

Winner Mick Langton fished the pole and pellet out at 13m from peg 21, for 23 carp and down the margin for 10 more, the biggest almost 9lb in his 135lb 9oz total.

On 11th September, Kev Chaplin win the day as he fished the pole and pellet out at 12m and the paste down the margins, landing 185lb 10oz of carp to 9lb. Daz Staley was second with 151lb 8ox and Andy Lakey third on 148lb 5oz.

But Lakey had chalked up victory on 4th September. He was off to a flying start at peg 39, fishing the method feeder and pellet on the hook cast to the island, landing 35 carp to 5lb.

Then he changed to the pole and corn down the margin, landing a further 30 carp to 10lb and weighing in a massive 267lb 12oz.

The previous week’s winner, Mick Langton, drew the same peg and weighed more in, but still only got second. Fishing the pole and pellet on the deck and shallow, he landed 43 carp to 8lb for 170lb 6oz.

Steve Richards began October in style as he won the Sherwood lake Tuesday match.

He fished the pole and caster over ground bait out at 6m, having a mixed net of ide, skimmers and roach plus one bonus 5lb carp for 47lb 3oz.

Second-placed John Holmes fished the pole and soft pellet for 35lb 4oz of skimmers to 1lb.

John Wooff was the Tuesday winner on 24th September with 71lb 11oz.

Fishing the pole and corn out and down the margins, he targeted the carp, a move that doesn’t normally pay off on this lake, landing 10lb of skimmers to 2lb and 14 carp to 12lb, just winning with 7oz to spare over Dave Round.

He landed 30lb of silvers on the pole and caster with the rest of his weight made up of carp to 7lb on the pole and worm late in the match fished down the margin.

John Woof won the Tuesday match on Sherwood Lake on 17th September, fishing pole and corn out and down the margins for 20lb of skimmers and 10 carp to 9lb, finishing well in the lead with 92lb 14oz, Mark Watts second with 68lb 5oz.

The Tuesday before the top two could not be separated as Martin Rouse, with 14 carp to 6lb and a skimmers on pole and corn, as well as Steve Richards, with six carp to 10lb and skimmers via the same method, were both left locked together on 56lb 4oz.

However, Rouse did manage to edge the win the week before that on 3rd September, fishing pole and pellet over ground bait for 25lb of skimmers before fishing for the peg’s resident carp, landing 10 to 6lb, making the rest of his 58lb11oz net.

In second place Mark Watts fished the pole and worm short down the margin for 12 carp, his biggest being 15lb 8oz.

Wednesday Autumn Fun League victory on Holmedale Lake on 2nd October went to Mick Langton.

Using pole and pellet out at 13m for 10 carp before turning his attention to the margins fishing corn and meat, he landed 21 more to 9lb and putting 129lb 7oz on the scales.

Andy Lakey, in second spot, had 41 carp on the pole and pellet, weighing in the only other ton weight of 110lb 15oz.

On 25th September, Wednesday Autumn Fun League top dog was Steve Binch, who fished pole and pellet out at 12m shallow over the bore hole building at peg 31, and the pole and worm down the margin landing 31 carp to 11lb, taking the winner’s purse with a weight of 141lb 2oz.

In second place Steve’s travelling partner Ron Green, drawn at peg 19, fished the pole and worm, landing carp to 9lb and recorded his best ever catch of 126lb 9oz.