HOCKEY: North Notts I 6-2 Boots

North Notts v Boots
North Notts v Boots

North Notts’ first away game of the season was against local side Boots. The talk in the changing room was not to have a repeat of the previous season’s 5-2 loss.

The game started with a mixture of possession through both team’s midfields trying to break forward to open the score. Notts kept up the pressure managing to win a short corner where Allen Butler opened the scoring with a well-placed strike.

This instantly fired Notts up pushing forward with Hind making some excellent moves spreading the play wide to Moss looking to find Butler up front. Notts kept up the pressure on the home side by winning a second short corner with a second pinpoint strike from the top of the D but this time by William Butler.

A substitute saw Anil Chutte return to the first XI defensive line after his break, this was short lived though as injury followed after only a few minutes with a ball to the ankle.

Now two goals in the lead, Notts let their guard down in a five-minute flat spell and this was capitalised upon by the home side scoring from a series of mistakes which left a Boots forward open to win a goalmouth scrap.

At half-time Notts talked of plans to settle back down and keep the pressure on the Boots back line and keep the passing short and sharp.

The second half opened with the pressure straight back on to Boots by spreading the play wide looking for Butler and Johnson on the wings, then a slick pass by Butler to Barton on the back post to calmly put away, This opened the second half scoring for Notts.

Notts won another short corner that was neatly converted by Allen Butler. Hungry for more Notts were straight back to Boots’ D with several close chances from Moss, Johnson, Butler and Barton. A drive forward by Butler managed to find Johnson in on the back post to place the ball in the back of the net.

The goal rush for Notts wasn’t to end there though as they kept driving forward, winning a penalty corner, where William Butler knocked the ball to Adam Moss to put in the back of the net, which was deflected by a defender high but found by Josh Singleton on the back post to bat into the top of the net.

With only a few minutes left Notts were over run by a desperate drive forward by Boots, who were able to find a man by the back post in the goal mouth to seal the score line at 6-2