Golfer’s trick shot ‘goes viral’

Golfer Matt Wheatcroft.
Golfer Matt Wheatcroft.

Golfer Matt Wheatcroft has become an overnight sensation - with the video of his golf trick shot ‘going viral’ and securing more than 800,000 web hits.

The 25-handicapper from South Normanton was playing as part of a four-strong team in the British Par Three Golf Championships at Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire back in August.

Having over-hit his shot into the fourth green, the Horsley Lodge Golf Club member’s ball was so close to a fence, it seemed impossible he could find the green with his second stroke.

But the 32-year-old improvised by hitting the ball against one of the fence posts and, to his amazement, it landed right next to the hole.

Matt’s exploits were caught on camera and posted on YouTube last week under the heading ‘Golf Shot of the Year’ and within three hours had already attracted more than 20,000 views.

Since then the interest has been huge and he has enjoyed coverage both sides of the Atlantic from the likes of ESPN, Sky Sports News and Fox News.

“It’s unbelievable how it has taken off - I could have never expected the video to be as popular as it has been,” said Matt, managing director of e-commerce web design company

Purpose Media, who have strong business links in the Mansfield area.

With all the attention it’s been a bit surreal these past few days. Now I know have an idea of how the likes of Tiger Woods feels!

“All my customers at work have been talking about it and when I went to the pub at the weekend, a lot of people had seen it there too.”

Matt, who was playing with former Ryder Cup player Brian Barnes in his team, felt he had nothing to lose in taking on the spectacular stroke - aside from injuring himself.

He added: “When I went up to the ball and I asked the marshall if I was allowed to play the shot, he told me I was, but if I did I might end up in A&E, because it could hit me in the face.

“Once I’d actually hit it, I couldn’t see where it had finished because of the slope up to the green, but I could hear everyone saying, ‘Oh my god’, so I knew it was close.

“If I’d hit it absolutely perfectly, then it might have gone straight in, but I suppose you can’t have everything!

“One journalist has asked me if I’m going to turn professional, but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.”

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