Budding Mansfield tennis star secures US scolarship

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Budding Mansfield tennis star Tanna Nita has won a prestigious tennis scholarship to study at Coppin State University in Baltimore.

Tanna will spend four years in the United States taking a degree in entertainment management with a daily two-hour tennis training session as part of the scholarship.

Tanna said: “Whilst I’m there I’m hoping to improve my game massively, make some new friends and obviously come back with a brilliant degree.”

Before leaving, Tanna was given the chance to train in a one on one session with Ann Brown, veteran tennis star and Wimbledon Seniors Champion who said: “We had a great hit together and Tanna is so enthusiastic.

“It started pouring down with rain while we were playing but neither of us wanted to stop!.

“We worked on her forehand and in no time at all she had her timing right. She will get more consistent through practice, and she’ll get plenty of that at University.”