Andy King too good for Jim Westwood in Mansfield Table Tennis League’s Yuletide Cup

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Andy King won the 2015 Yuletide Cup in the Mansfield and District Table Tennis League with a 33-20 win over Jim Westwood in the final.

Jim, who was also runner-up last year, will be aiming to go one step further next year.

The Yuletide cup is a unique event to league and sees players play with supplied bats (funny bats) by the organisers, which range from covers of tyres, plastic, wallpaper and cloth.

The format of the group stage was round robin, with every point counting and players using a different bat each match and novelty balls in place.

Mark Sansom dominated Group One, scoring a 65 points out of a maximum 66, with Angela Brettell qualifying in second.

Andy King won a close Group Two, with Roy Drew second.

In Group Three Tony Swain was victorious, with the only Division One player Mick Pestka coming second, and in the final group Jim Westwood won with Maggie Burrows also qualifying.

In the Quarter-finals it was now the most points scored over three games, with Jim Westwood, Angela Brettell, Mick Pestka and Andy King all cruising through.

In the semi’s Jim Westwood beat Angela Brettell 31-19, with Andy King just beating Mick Pestka 28-26 in the other semi.

Mick Pestka then beatiAngela Brettell 29-28 to claim third spot.