Amateurs set for the new season

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Huthwaite Boxing Club’s amateur boxing stars are eager to get punching as the new season begins.

After enjoying a successful 12 months, the rejuvenated club is prepared for another busy year ahead and their boxers are training hard and getting ready to step back in the ring.

The club, which already has 15 registered amateurs, have a number of boxers in action soon. Prospects Dean Taylor, Nathan Capeness and Matt Hawkins are scheduled to be in bouts as early as next month as they enter the championships and Adam Taylor is looking to compete in the upcoming junior ABAs.

Scott Calow revealed the club are planning on starting new sessions, taking place twice a week, to cope with the increased number of youngsters interested in joining their gym.

He said: “We’ve had to manage the amount of people that are coming through the door because we’ve been inundated and we’ve not had the coaches to cater for them all.

“Now we’ve got a couple of boxers that have retired and they’re stopping within the club and are going to go on coaching courses. So now we can hopefully start taking some new boxers on board.”

The Huthwaite club are subsequently holding a free open day at the gym on Sunday, 16th October which will be run by head junior coach Brian Yemm.

Scott added: “The open day is for 10 to 16-year-olds who are maybe thinking about taking up boxing or just have an interest and want to have a look at what goes on in a boxing club.

“It’s going to consist of demonstrations on technique, fitness, and give an insight into all the preparation work.”

Some of the club’s top amateur and professional boxers will be on hand at the session to help demonstrate various techniques.

l To book a place on the open day contact Brian on 07949 305200.