Mansfield Woodhouse taekwondo club celebrate Sport England cash boost

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Mansfield Woodhouse-based taekwondo club Kang Han is celebrating a grant of £9,885 from Sport England.

The club specialises in Olympic sports fighting as well as traditional taekwondo.

Welcoming anyone of any age through its doors, the Mansfield Taekwondo Academy endeavours to develop the strength, fitness, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance of its members.

Like many thriving sports clubs, it requires support to fund its growth and pacey progression.

Now Sport England has provided that support with the grant in acknowledgement of its merit and to fund the club’s development.

Senior coach and club founder Master Adrian Tranter, along with instructors Tony Grisman and Kiel Tranter, manage the club and provide focused training for their 59 members; the youngest aged five.

The team are delighted with the support from Sport England, and said the funding will really boost the club’s advancement and provide more quality opportunities for their members.

They now plan to add further electronic scoring equipment, especially for the younger members. The very same system was used in London 2012, and will be used in Rio 2016.

The system works by registering points electronically on impact, and aims to distinguish accuracy and promote fair scoring in matches.

Kang Han coach Grisman said: “The implementation of the Olympic standard scoring system will open doors to elite style practice for our young members.

“This means we’re able to really nurture young talent and growth in the Olympic side of our sport. I know there are a lot of talented kids locally, with loads more coming to join us every week and this will give them an opportunity to get involved on a pathway to competing at the highest level.

“Other various types of quality training equipment will also be acquired to enhance safe and proficient practice, something that we know is very important to parents.”

Thanks to the funding, coaches Tony and Kiel will also be embarking on the latest British Taekwondo coaching courses.

The courses have been specifically designed to stimulate excellent coaching methods and educate instructors about the most up-to-date practice and initiatives.

Various new programmes are outlined on the course, such as TKD Generations; an initiative that aims to make taekwondo as accessible and enjoyable as possible for members of all ages and abilities.

President of British Taekwondo and senior coach Adrian Tranter added: “British Taekwondo’s coaching courses are both dynamic and incredibly informative.

“They promote the highest calibre of coaches within taekwondo, and so in turn will promote the highest calibre of support and guidance for our Kang Han members.”

“We are exceptionally pleased to receive Sport England funding, as it both affirms our good governance work and gives us a means to help continue our programme of expansion of the club.”

Sport England offers various funding opportunities for sports clubs that belong to the National Governing body, British Taekwondo, all aimed to preserve and improve quality sports while encouraging participation across the UK.

The grant means great headway for quality sports in Mansfield, and access to it for residents.

For more information on Kang Han, call 07525 767402.